Electric Choke Conversion Kits

for Rochester Quadrajets with divorced choke

Having cold start problems? Has your OEM Thermostatic coil gone bad? Are your blocked heat crossovers and or aftermarket intake manifold giving your choke fits? Read on.....

Many Rochester Quadrajets from the 1960s and 1970s used a divorced choke design, meaning that the thermostatic coil was mounted in the intake manifold. Exhaust gas passing under the carburetor through intake manifold passages was used to heat the thermostatic coil, which actuated the choke linkage via a connecting rod.

The inherent flaw of this design, from a sport performance point of view, is that the carburetor and intake become quite hot, leading to a hotter —and less dense—air charge entering the engine, reducing power. To counter this, many performance enthusiasts block or plug the heat crossover passages to cool the intake charge. Unfortunately this disables the thermostatic choke design, making cold starts difficult.

Another common performance upgrade is to install an aftermarket aluminum intake manifold. They are lighter and flow better than stock cast iron units. This can also lead to trouble with the OEM divorced choke design, as many aftermarket intakes have a bit of "rise" to them, leaving the carburetor sitting higher where the OEM choke link won’t reach. Or they simply don’t provide a location to mount the OEM choke.

Everyday Performance LLC's patent pending carb mounted Electric Choke Conversion counters these troubles. Mounting the choke coil on the carburetor eliminates intake manifold configuration problems altogether. Using an electric choke coil allows the heat crossovers to be plugged with no adverse effects.

This kit fits under most any air cleaner, including Buick GS, Edelbrock drop base, and plain stock.

Kits are available for Rochester Quadrajets with divorced chokes. Assembly required. Please view our video and document links for detailed install instructions.

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