Distributor Services

Muscle cars have been around for half a century - and so have their distributors. This means that your original distributor may have a significant amount of wear and tear that causes irregularities in your spark timing. Don’t replace your numbers matching distributor with a low quality generic parts store replacement – send it to Everyday Performance LLC for a high quality rebuild/restoration … and keep your car numbers matching!

Any good performance tune includes distributor work. This is because spark advance helps your engine achieve its optimum performance potential. If your advance curve is off, you can be down on power, have poor ignition and suffering gas mileage, or even experience engine damaging detonation. Spark timing is especially important in performance applications where compression ratios and rpms are higher, and power output is a primary concern. Everyday Performance LLC offers performance distributor recurving services, tailoring your timing advance curve to your setup.

Everyday Performance LLC uses a Sun Distributor Machine #504 to fully diagnose and tune your distributor. Whether your distributor needs complete servicing or just a checkup and recurve, it will return to you ready to run.

Our distributor services are as follows:

  • Complete teardown and ultrasonic cleaning
  • Plating and chromating parts for corrosion resistance
  • Remove and replace upper and lower shaft bushings.
  • Refill grease wells, install new well seal and felt washer
  • Install new points and Condenser
  • Install new ground wire and coil lead.
  • Install new vacuum advance canister
  • Re-shim distributor gear end clearance

Performance recurving:

  • Install limiter on Mechanical advance
  • Springs and weights for optimum advance curve
  • Limit vacuum advance

Everyday Performance LLC also stocks, and has available for sale, all the parts we use to rebuild and restore distributors. Take a look in the distributor store to see the latest we have available.

If you don’t see what you need, contact us and let us know what you’re looking for – chances are we have it.

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